On our Holy Land Trip our first stop was Greece which included a trip to the Acropolis.  We were in a huge crowd as we climbed the mountain.  Half way up we came to Mars Hill where the Apostle Paul preached to the Greeks.  We then went on up to see the Parthenon and other temple ruins.  I was so taken back by this experience that within a couple days I wrote the following essay—please enjoy.




The Bible is God's word. Having accepted Christ at an early age and trusting in Him, I always wanted to visit the Holy Land so the Scriptures would become alive and so I could walk in the footsteps of Jesus and the Apostles.  God allowed my wife and I to do that.  In 2013 we visited Greece, Turkey, Jordan and Israel.  Having been taught the Word of God and having studied it, I have learned that it is important to know what path you are on because what is at the end of the path can be good or bad. 

 This fact struck me as my wife and I were visiting the Acropolis in Athens, Greece.  What a day it was—thousands of people flocked to the big hill to visit Mars Hill and the Parthenon.  Several ships had docked in Athens causing large crowds.  Wow!  People from around the world, speaking at least five or six languages and standing shoulder to shoulder, were working their way up the hill.

Half way up the hill, the path split and people had to choose whether to go right or to go left.  If you went left, you would go to Mars Hill.  This is where the Apostle Paul spoke before the Council of Athens on his Second Missionary Journey.  Paul spoke to a large crowd, and it is understood that about two joined with him and believed.

However, if you went right, it led you to the Parthenon.  Many temples to gods and goddesses sit up on this mount.  The Temple to Athena Nike and the Athenian altar to the unknown god are just two of many.

Here is what struck me!  Only a few spent time at Mars Hill.  But thousands upon thousands went to the Parthenon to see the ruins of many temples to gods and goddesses.

As my wife and I started our journey up the hill, we were pushed and shoved until we finally reached the point of decision–do we go left or do we go right.  We chose to go left to see where Paul preached the Word of God.  From his preaching, a few received the Word and chose to follow the one and only true God.  This is still true in today’s world, just as in the past.  Many, many people are searching for and seeking many small gods.

Are you willing to go to Mars Hill–are you willing to listen to the Apostle Paul preach the Gospel, to take in the Word of God, and to accept that Word through Jesus Christ, or will you continue searching after many small gods, man-made gods, seeking satisfaction and fulfillment.  You may find satisfaction and fulfillment for a short time—but it will not last.

I hope you have or will seek the one and only true God.  He is a wonderful God to have in your life through Jesus Christ.  He will help you through this life on earth and grant you eternal life with Him forever.  For those of you who have not done so—I beg you to go to Mars Hill—listen to Paul preach the Gospel—be open to the Gospel—accept the Gospel message of Christ—then share Christ with others.

Jim McClain, Pilgrim on fall 2013 Ultra Grand tour.


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