Free Will—Your deck is stacked, yes, and against you!  What does that mean?

Did you know that the term “free will” is not in the Bible?

We were born with a free will—and I am sure you have heard someone say—“I can do whatever I want and whenever I want”.

We are responsible and accountable for our preferences and our choices.  The Bible is clear that we not only have the ability to choose, we also have the responsibility to choose wisely.

Man, left alone, will go down the path of destruction, lead a sinful life, and go to Hades (Hell).  Why?  We are born in sin.  We are “slaves to sin”.  John 8:34, Romans 6:20-23.

Every part of man is in bondage to sin—our bodies, our minds, and our wills.

Man does not have a free will when it comes to salvation—looks like we are in trouble doesn’t it!  Here is a better description—men do not accept the Gospel by their will because our fallen nature is spiritually opposed to God and therefore can never seek for God.                                                                 

One of God’s purposes with mankind is to have eternal fellowship with those who truly love Him.  Since man lacks the capacity to seek God and accept the Gospel, God must initiate faith in the heart to bring men to Himself.

Without the gift of God to cause us to repent and believe, none of us would be saved.  Saving faith is a consequence of God’s choice and not man’s will.

Galatians 5:1 says “For freedom Christ has set us free”.  Christians are free from the bondage to sin and the yoke of slavery to satan. 

God’s greatest gift to mankind is His Son, Jesus.  Be open to God’s prodding and drawing (which means “drag” or to “impel”) in your life.